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SexyToGo6Buy Now: Geek Overboard, Part 1 in “Sexy To Go, Vol. 6″

Geek Overboard will be serialized in future Sexy To Go box sets.

Natalie can’t tell a Wookie from a Hobbit, so why is she on a Caribbean cruise hosting a sci-fi convention? You could ask her boyfriend. Wait, you can’t – he ditched her at the last minute and left her on the ship.

Now stuck in a cabin with a roommate from another planet, Natalie must navigate decks populated with fairies and spacemen and sci-fi fans of all stripes…and fur. Luckily, there’s a handsome fellow by the pool willing to help.

Killing the Kordovas – Buy Now!

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WARNING: This book contains rough language, spoilers for a possible sequel to Judy Blume’s Blubber, suggested lyrics for the theme to Sanford and Son, and one very mixed-up romance author.

Words come easily to writer Danni Hewitt. If only success did the same. The news of America’s latest reality sweetheart inking a major book deal sends Danni spiraling into depression, to the point where the idea of soothing her jealousy with a murderous rampage appeals to her.

Of course, this requires getting close enough to Krystal Kordova and her family to draw blood, something Danni achieves when she manages to land a job as Krystal’s ghostwriter.

Is the pen deadlier than the sword? Stick with Danni and find out.