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Think about your website’s content – what is the primary goal of your online presence? Do you intend to sell products or services, maintain a database of information for general consumption, or simply use your site as an interactive billboard for an offline business? However you design your site, and regardless of the information available, it is important to consider syndicating your content to reach a wider audience. The simple addition of RSS to your website opens new doors into optimization and search popularity, for a steady feed of news, product information, and editorials can attract the traffic you need to stay on top of relevant search.

Applying RSS capability to your online presence offers a number of benefits important to the exposure of your brand. If you maintain profiles at social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can import RSS into your accounts so that every time your feed is updated, the information is also sent to your social profiles. Already you have tripled your productivity! What’s more, if you use a service like Feedburner for your RSS feed, you can enhance your content by including data from social accounts like Flickr or so readers can see more of what you have to offer.

If you offer a niche product or service – be it books or CDs, tax and financial consulting, or localized information – you can set your feed apart and offer readers the refined content they want. Most readers who take advantage of RSS in online readers subscribe to feeds that most interest them. Sports and news headlines, job listings, and shop sales are popular feeds one might find plugged into somebody’s Yahoo start page, but as you refine your content to the relevant search terms you want, you may find web traffic will increase through the information you syndicate. Offer a point of sale or a discount to readers to entice click-throughs to specific landing pages on your site.

What is the best way to implement RSS? If you attach a weblog platform to your site, like Blogger or WordPress, the RSS capability is built-in. All you need to do is post regularly and make sure the feed is available for RSS-friendly search engines to crawl. Attach a link to your feed in a prominent spot on your website and encourage subscriptions. Once you begin to build an audience, you can apply the feed to your active social networks and attract more attention from readers who might not otherwise visit your site.

For marketing and networking, RSS is a handy tool for promoting your website. Take advantage of its versatility as you syndicate your content and multiply visitors to your site.