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A Romantic’s Guide to St. Augustine

A quiet garden of azaleas, a lazy sunset over the Castillo de San Marcos, a leisurely stroll down the hidden alleyways of the historic district…the idea of a romantic weekend in St. Augustine evokes many desirable images. If work has you down and stressed, and you’re eager for a few days to recharge and renew an intimate relationship with your partner, a getaway to the nation’s oldest city just may be the cure. More affordable than other Florida destinations, St. Augustine provides couples with an endless itinerary of relaxing activities, perfect for celebrating a second honeymoon or anniversary, or simply to celebrate love and life.

What is the best way to enjoy St. Augustine? Here are a few ideas to make your weekend a romantic and memorable experience:

Stay in a Bed and Breakfast! The historic district offers blocks and blocks of B&B inns, each unique in style and amenities. Booking a weekend at a small inn gives you the cozy atmosphere of home and the added exuberance of Florida hospitality. Keep an eye out for couples’ packages and specials offered by the inns, and let your hosts act as concierge for your trip by recommending the best attractions and dining in the area.

Share a Bottle of Wine! Local San Sebastian Winery offers free tours of their facility, complete with a tasting of their latest vintages. Splurge on a few bottles – one for a cozy night at the inn, the other to take home – and take in some lively jazz music at their upstairs wine bar.

Enjoy a Spa Day! The resort area of Ponte Vedra is known for luxury accommodations and amenities. Take a day and be pampered with a full couples’ treatment of massages, facials, and pedicures.

Take a Carriage Ride! Hire a horse-drawn buggy to gently guide you down the historic streets of St. Augustine. A romantic ride makes a perfect prelude to dinner at one of the city’s top restaurants, like 95 Cordova or Columbia Restaurant.

Walk the Beach! The advantage to a weekend in Vilano Beach, Ponte Vedra, or St. Augustine Beach is that the crowds are lighter than one will find further south. This makes the sunsets more intimate and shores peaceful, so you can reconnect with your partner on a leisurely walk in the sand.

For a romantic escape, St. Augustine and the beaches of North Florida provide the luxury of a high-end resort without the high prices. Consider your next weekend away at the heart of this historic and sunny area.

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  1. Mike – Outstanding wedding. Patti and I had a great time and loved the food. It was well worth the trip. Sorry to take so long in rsdponeing, i didn’t notice this untill now. I was just checking out the pics again.Good luck to both of you and hope to see you guys during some holiday.May 26, 2012 4:11 pm

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