I had mentioned on Twitter, or maybe Google Plus, my intentions to try NaNo again. For me, it’s a matter of pride – in my last five tries, I bailed out three times. The two years I did finish, I did nothing with the books. One day I’ll revive those trunk novels and get them in decent condition, but for now I have a project in mind for this upcoming November write-fest.

After announcing my intent, somebody had registered surprise, that an experienced writer like myself would do NaNo. Well, I admit the label flattered me – I consider myself more of an experienced eater – but I gave the comment some thought. When I first heard of NaNo, I did think it more an exercise for a writer trying to find discipline in getting the words down. I have proven that I can write a novel, though I do not always write with great speed. Like I said, for me this is a matter of personal pride, a chance to slay a demon and prove that I can at least get a third completed work done in a month.

So, we will see how I do come November first. I do not intend to cheat and start early, but you may hear my crying quite a bit.