I can’t remember where I read it, but somebody either on a social media site or blog suggested that the best way to “Occupy Wall Street” over the holiday shopping was to shop at independent stores and local businesses. This is a challenge any time of year, of course, since big box shop tend to have the best deals, and we’re all pinching pennies. I, however, am taking the initiative to support some smaller businesses around town and on the Internet so more people can have an enjoyable Christmas. I know many people who operate their own businesses, and I’d like to take this space to share their information. If you’re still shopping for gifts, here are some places I recommend.

Woobie’s Cookies – Artisan snickerdoodle type cookies. Small with big taste. There are plain flavors and filled cookies with chocolate and creme brulee. All are awesome!

Jody’s Popcorn – Local popcorn place here makes the most amazing savory flavors. I love the cheddar and Old Bay styles.

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply – One of the largest independently owned pet supply shops is based where I live. They have all sorts of food, toys, and other supplies for your pets.

All Romance eBooks – Perhaps the largest independent eBook store, a great place to load up your reader! You can read books on any device.

Individual Publishers – If you have a favorite author, try to buy directly from their publisher where possible. They get a bigger chunk of royalties if you do.

Tomorrow’s World / CozyPure – Organic bedding and home goods. I love their LaNoodle pillow. Had to buy more b/c hubby and little one kept taking it.

Cuce Shoes – Adorable ladies boots with college, NFL, and NHL logos. Great gift for the lady sports lover in your life.

Camellia Rose Inn – My aunt’s bed and breakfast in Gainesville, FL. If you’re in the area, this is a great place for a weekend getaway. One of the best B&Bs in North Florida.

So spend wisely, and help your favorite local business this year.