Right now I’m doing something I never thought I’d do, something that might make a marketing expert cringe. I am purging my personal Facebook account to leave primarily family and people I know or am acquainted with in real life.

As an author, I should be doing the opposite, right? I should have a friend count teetering on the edge of saturation. If it bogs down my news feed, I can just place the important folks in a list and read only that, right?

I could, but I find I don’t want to.

I use many social networks to promote my work. I have a Facebook page for promotion, which I believe is more conducive to reaching the masses in terms of book promo. This morning I had close to a thousand “friends” on Facebook, and I had to ask myself…why? I had people listed who didn’t speak English, people who hadn’t posted in months, and people who only wanted me as a warm body to plant trees on their farms. I had to ask myself – do I reach anybody when I post on my wall?

The answer is yes, but I always reached family and people close to me. It only makes sense, therefore, that I limit my account to have more access to these people.

In going through many of the people I have friended on Facebook, I see many of them are hovering around 5,000 friends. Do these people even see my posts? Will they notice if I leave? Probably not.

So if you have friended me and suddenly notice I’m not around anymore, please do not feel insulted or rejected. It’s not personal at all. I have only decided to keep the Facebook for personal interests. I will continue the friend whoring at Goodreads, so feel free to friend me there.

I’ll also follow you on Twitter @MsKathrynLively. Drop me a line.