I’m involved with a number of erotic romance publishers, all of whom are looking for new works to release. Now, I know many authors have taken to self-publishing, myself included, and it’s great. However, I do not dismiss the advantages of having a book with an established house. You’ll meet great authors, expand promotional opportunities, and create a back list with sales potential.

Three publishers with which I’m involved have recently put out calls, and I’m sharing them here. You’re welcome to visit each website for more information.

Breathless Press

From the publisher: We’re currently on the lookout for pirates, naughty nursery rhymes, vampires for our crimson anthology, hot shots, plus some good m/m space opera.

Phaze Books

Phaze Books is best known these days for steamy interracial romances, M/M romances, and engaging paranormals. They are currently seeking all genres, however, and would definitely like to see a variety of works.

Silver Publishing

Silver Publishing is looking for romances and steamier anywhere from 5K to 45K. I know they are known for their M/M stuff, but they do publish a variety of stories.

Please visit each site and view their guidelines. It’s important to follow them. Thanks, and good luck!