For a limited time, to celebrate summer and the release of an awesome new Rush album, I’ve made Rock Deadly a free download on Smashwords and All Romance eBooks. This is your chance to pick up a book that is close to my heart, one that’s received raves from a number of readers. If you have purchased a copy of Dead Barchetta, you should know this is the same book, just revised a bit for a new edition. It’s not yet free at Amazon, but I’m working to make that happen. I don’t think you ought to wait, though. You can read books from Smashwords and ARe on your Kindle, if that’s your concern.

The sequel, Rock Til You Drop, is almost completed and I hope to have it out soon. At least, I want it out before I see Rush in concert this October.

If you download the book, I hope you’ll review it on Amazon and Goodreads, regardless of what you think. Thanks!