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The Surreal Killer, the third Roger Bowman-Suzanne Foster South American mystery novel in the series, has earned multiple 5-star reviews as a Kindle E-Book from Amazon (+Amazon UK and DE), $2.99; the novel is free for Amazon Prime members at
A serial killer is leaving a trail of dead women across Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.  The gruesome corpses all seem to have died in exactly the same macabre way.  There may be a link to a small group of scientists who meet annually in different locations in the region.  Roger Bowman and Suzanne Foster are asked by the local police to attend this year’s meeting of the group in Lima, Peru to try to find out who was present at the previous meetings when the murders occurred.  And the reader is off on a fast paced pursuit of the killer through Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu in Peru and Chile’s Atacama Desert.  This is a true whodunit mystery novel set in an unusual and exotic locale.
My wife and I lived in South America (Salta, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay) for 7 months during a sabbatical leave I took from my work as a professor at the University of California’s Davis campus several years ago. We both are fascinated by the area, which is thousands of miles off the beaten path for most North American tourists, and want to share it with our readers.  The first book in this series, The Empanada Affair, is set in Salta and the second (The Ambivalent Corpse) and fourth (The Matador Murders, scheduled for publication this summer) entries are set mainly in Montevideo.  I’ve been back to these countries, Chile, and Peru several times since then to do collaborative research and to teach classes at the local public universities there.  Suzanne and I share a common scientific background, which allows me to inject a lot of my own real-life experiences in fictionalized form into these books.  I also plan to publish some short stories about Roger and Suzanne solving murders here in California between novels after The Matador Murders. All of the books and short stories are, or will be, available from Amazon.

Jerold Last