Dear Charlie Hunnam:

My name is Kathryn Lively and I write fiction. Like E.L. James, I have dabbled in fan fiction, though the works I have available are not derivative of any fandoms. I do, however, have a small series called The Rock and Roll Mysteries that is inspired by one of my favorite bands.

I heard today that you have dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Grey film. As I understand it, your Sons of Anarchy filming schedule conflicts with this project, though others have speculated on the true reason for you leaving Fifty. Whatever led to this decision, I hope it works out for you, but I wanted to propose something else.

My mystery series consists of two novels, Rock Deadly and Rock Til You Drop. You can download the first one for free at Amazon. The protagonist is a young guitarist in a Rush cover band named Matt “Lerxst” Johnson who becomes involved in a mysterious death and hides out in NYC to uncover many deceits. While writing the book I envisioned Lerxst as a young man who resembled Alex Lifeson during their early years, and I think it’s a look you can pull off.

People who have read Rock Deadly say it would make a good movie. Now that you are free of your Fifty obligations I invite you to check out the book and, if it interests you, to contact me about an option. I own the film rights to the book and am happy to talk. There isn’t much sex in the book, certainly not as much as Fifty, but part of the book is set in Virginia Beach and I think you’d enjoy filming a movie here. I know a great martini bar on the Oceanfront, too.

So check out the book, think it over. You’d make an awesome Lerxst.

Best of luck in your career.

Kat Lively