I noticed the other day my young daughter is close to the point where she needs to think seriously about undergarments. Every time I try to approach the subject, however, I get the eye rolls and huffing – she’s naturally embarrassed about it, which baffles me a bit. I think maybe part of the embarrassment comes from the fact that I have noticed. When I was about her age, I didn’t develop as quickly, and I felt embarrassed for believing my body was “slow,” nowhere close to the natural status quo exhibited by classmates. These days, people talk about how important it is for women to find the best bra for their bodies, for support and comfort, and back then I would have been happy with any bra, just to know I needed to wear one!

I still have these issues, decades later. Having a child does a number on you – hormones take over and the soaps you used faithfully now burn your skin. You can’t eat a favorite food anymore because it makes you sick. Worst of all, your comfy bras no longer fit. I’ve taken to ordering such garments on the Internet now, though it’s been recommended to have a professional bra fitting. I heard once that women often end up wearing the wrong size, and that accounts for occasional irritation. Still, the place where I get mine offers a good variety. I prefer seamless shape wear to garments with underwires that poke and leave angry red marks on my torso. I find they help sometimes when the jeans feel a bit tight.

So, eventually I’ll help my girl find the right fit for her. I knew this rite of passage would happen one day, and I hope she will appreciate the many options available to her. Buying a bra shouldn’t be a chore – I’d like her to enjoy the experience of shopping for one and knowing what works best for her.