So earlier on my blog I announced a new contract with Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Busted! will be part of their Blush imprint and a line called Geekgasm, where geek heroes and heroines get the HEA. I haven’t shied from romance in my books, but this marks my first bona fide romance story to be published. The geek theme naturally attracted me, since it’s a milieu in which I feel quite comfortable.

One of the fandoms showcased in Busted! is Quantum Leap. Though I’d watched Star Trek and other minor sci-fi shows, I count QL as my first foray into fandom. I loved the concept, the stories, the acting. It was truly a wonderful show with a great fan following – just our luck it had to air on a network that didn’t do jack to support it. The constant shuffling of time slots killed the ratings, and to top it off it ended so awkwardly it gave me false hope that we’d see another incarnation. That’s doubtful. You’d think with Hollywood’s fondness for rebooting franchises that somebody would take a crack at QL. I keep checking SyFy in vain.

If you want a fandom fix, though, you can look for a fan vid called A Leap to Di For, which has Sam trying to save Princess Diana. It’s pretty good.

Late in the show and after cancellation, Ace published a number of QL novels, and a friend and I tried our hand at adapting a screenplay she’d written to book form. We got about ten chapters in when we learned Ace was scrubbing the line. No current TV show, no interest in novels. That disappointed me, because I felt QL could have been as big as Star Trek and other franchises if given the chance. Before I seriously got into publishing, I wrote fan fiction and put out a few crossover stories where Sam interacted with the 4077th MASH, the inmates at OZ, and others. You may still find them online somewhere.

Anyway, the title of this blog is the Top Five, so today I’d like to share five of my favorite QL episodes. In no particular order:

“The Americanization of Machiko” – QL did quite a few episodes that dealt with racism in the mid 20th-century. This one stands apart mainly because the antagonists have a problem with Sam’s host bringing home a Japanese wife to America in the early 50s, with wounds of WWII still fresh in people’s minds. A dramatic story about acceptance.

“The Leap Back” – This is the one where Sam and Al switch places due to a lightning strike interfering in a leap. Sam is finally home but needs to bring Al back as well. By this point the show’s not done, so you know that won’t happen. It’s sad to watch at times – when you see Sam finally in a good place only to leave it again indefinitely.

“Lee Harvey Oswald” – Late in the show we saw a number of stunt episodes where Sam leaps into celebrities or people associated with celebrities. Elvis, Marilyn, Dr. Ruth…some hit and others missed. There were rumors of a leap into Magnum PI, creator Don Bellasario’s other show. That would’ve been cool, but of all these shows the Lee Harvey Oswald one was the best IMHO.

“A Leap for Lisa” – One of the few Al-centric episodes. Al was just a great character, and sometimes I think the reason QL hasn’t been rebooted is because you can’t replace Dean Stockwell. Here Sam leaps into a younger Al to ultimately save his life. It’s something to watch as Al confronts his younger self here.

“Glitter Rock” – Sam leaps into a rock star who was originally killed by a crazed fan. I like this one for the quasi-cheese factor and the music, and there’s a nice guest shot from Peter Noone.


Do you have a favorite Quantum Leap moment?