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Summer breeeeeeeze, makes me feel fine…

It would if I could feel a breeze. It’s hot outside. Damn hot. I could recite the whole line of dialogue from Good Morning, Vietnam but Robin does it so much better. Instead I’m going to shameless plug a book I wrote that I call the anti-everything.

Recently the news covered a young adult novel that Kylie and Whoever Jenner “wrote,” though it’s rumored neither one actually read it. I found this amusing, not because reality stars amuse me, but because prior to this I published a novel that skewers the world of reality stars, to an extent. Killing the Kordovas is a sarcastic look at one author’s struggle to succeed in the face of reality…stars. If you love to hate the people who gym, tan, etc. and make lots of money doing it, you should read this. You’ll laugh or cry – I did both.

I want you to read Killing to Kordovas this summer, so I’m giving it away on Amazon today through the 21st. Go to Amazon now and download it! The sale won’t last. If you like it, I hope you’ll tell a friend and review, then come back here to learn about my first romance with Ellora’s Cave – a geek love story.

Okay, I’m done. Live long and prosper.


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