So you know I have a novella out with Ellora’s Cave early next year called Busted!, set at a sci-fi convention, and Ghostbusters is one of many fandoms represented. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, I have a novella coming out, save your pennies.

Today I must hat tip author Jenny Trout for posing this question on Twitter:

A great question, one I’m sure many a fan has debated over time. It’s relevant because this year marks the 30th and 25th anniversaries, respectively, of the two Ghostbusters films. In the first outing, Louis Tully is a mousy accountant who keeps locking himself out of his apartment:

In the second one, he’s retained by the Ghostbusters as a lawyer/CPA/guy who flirts awkwardly with Jeanine:

Somewhere in the midst of all the mess with Vigo he dons a spare jumpsuit and proton pack and assumes the role of Ghostbuster:

He also steals Jeanine’s affections from Egon, but I doubt Egon noticed:

Personally I thought it curious that the boys would have a fifth jumpsuit and pack readily accessible and not under lock and key, considering each one is the equivalent of a nuclear reactor that straps to somebody’s back. Heaven forbid it should end up in the wrong hands. That’s neither here nor there, though, and I don’t have time to watch both movies at present. I do, however, have enough to repeat Jenny’s question: Should Louis be considered a bona fide Ghostbuster?

It’s important to me to know – I may end up writing a sequel, and I like to be thorough. If you want my opinion, I’ll say at best Louis is an honorary one. Some people have argued on Twitter that Louis is no more a Ghostbuster than Winston, or that he is as much a Ghostbuster as Winston. Since Ernie Hudson isn’t in the first movie very long, many want to begrudgingly give him status. I like to give Winston’s character some credit, though. He did fill out an application, and Ray officially hired him. I imagine if Eddie Murphy had taken the role he’d have gotten more screen time, but we’ll never know that.

Louis, I think, just assumed the part without fully knowing what to do or expect. He wasn’t much of a lawyer but to his credit attended night school. I like to think if Ghostbusters 3 had happened we’d have seen Louis as a full-on Ghostbuster with his name on the jumpsuit. Again, wishful thinking.

That’s just my opinion, anyway. What are your thoughts?