Until I get my shit together, I’ll devote more time to blogging. I’d feel better if life played out like a sitcom, with all conflicts resolved in 22 minutes. Things don’t happen for me like that, so each week I’ll recap my crazy, slow-motion life. 🙂

My upcoming book: I wrote this post because I believe in the ninth inning. If somebody/something is in trouble, I like to think they can find a way to resolve all issues so everybody is happy. I wanted to believe the house that has my manuscript right now could rise above the problems and set things straight. Instead they filed a lawsuit against book blogger, probably using money better invested elsewhere. Witnessing the backlash, I can’t even speak without wanting to stutter in some apoplectic Bill Cosby fit. I’ll let this author explain it and leave you with this request: support authors. Contact ones you like for recommendations of books to buy. Speaking of which:

My most recent book: I wrote this novel, Killing the Kordovas. I think it’s damn funny. It’s like American Psycho and the Kardashians made a baby. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited and a decent price without. For all I know, it could be my most recent release for a while. I do not know.

Reading Stuff: I just finished a very good book called Alice + Freda Forever by Alexis Coe. It’s a true crime story, an account of an 1892 murder of a young woman by her girlfriend. It’s interesting to read a story like this given the recent climate of partner abuse making headlines now. While same-sex attraction is old as the hills, Memphis hadn’t experienced anything like this, thus making the case quite sensational.

I set a goal this season to complete the Dune trilogy, and I’m about 50 pages into Dune Messiah now. I enjoyed the first one very much, and while I have an idea of what happens here I look forward to the journey.

Watching Stuff: I have a second blog where I record all the lists I’m trying to complete before I die. Pulitzers, Best Pictures, Top 500 albums, Doctor Who episodes. I recently started the Pertwee (Third) era, which is fun to watch for two reasons. One is Pertwee – he strikes me as a model Doctor, the right balance of concentration and flamboyance. Next to him Tennant and Smith look a bit spastic. I suppose that’s why I like Capaldi in the role now, because he reminds me of the first Doctors. I just finished The Inferno, which had an alternate universe storyline. No bearded Spocks, only an obvious wig and an eyepatch.

Food: My cooking goal for the fall is to make a lasagna. I’ve made it to 43 without ever making one, but I did take a step in the right direction with homemade gnocchi last week. Yep, cooked actual potatoes, made the dough, boiled the dumplings. Only a few of them crunched, otherwise they turned out well. I’m wondering, if I decide to put myself through all that again, would it work to use premade mashed potatoes. They would be smoother than what I could do with my handheld masher. I’m thinking if I want to try with sweet potatoes I’ll end up with some stringy dumplings.

Writing: I haven’t done shit. This publishing crap is taking too much rent-free space in my head right now. I need to detox.