Until I get my shit together, I’ll devote more time to blogging. I’d feel better if life played out like a sitcom, with all conflicts resolved in 22 minutes. Things don’t happen for me like that, so each week I’ll recap my crazy, slow-motion life. 🙂

My most recent book: Killing the Kordovas is available on Kindle and it’s a damn funny book. It’s twisted and catty and perfect for any reader who suffers underboob sweat. It’s a thing.

What’s more, the audio version will be out soon. The narrator did a great job with Danni’s voice and I hope you’ll agree.

Reading Stuff: I recently finished Dune Messiah, which I had read nearly 30 years ago. For some reason I read this book before the predecessor. The movie had come out and I wanted to go for Sting, but my parents were put off by the bad reviews, and I later found out Sting was in the movie for twenty seconds. Even at 30-years ago ticket prices, it wasn’t worth the investment. I read Dune two years ago and loved it, and while the sequel is good it doesn’t quite match the perfection of Book One. There’s less action and more grousing about ousting Paul as Emperor. Anyway, I pledged to read the original trilogy, so Children of Dune is supposed to be next. However, I have James Ellroy’s Perfidia vying for attention, too.

Watching Stuff: Speaking of, I had wanted to see the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune when it came to the local art theater. I missed the window, so after reading Messiah I rented the film. Have to admit, I think I would have liked the version that didn’t come to be. At this point I’d see Jodorowsky’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Food: I picked up the October Food Network Magazine that contains 50 recipes for quick breads. I like these – I made one last year (low-carb rosemary) and want to try again to keep something in the house for breakfast. We don’t eat cereal here, and little one is loath to eat in the morning. She likes muffins, so maybe I can pass off a slice to her.

Writing: I managed 1,000 words of something new this weekend. I won’t divulge, but it’s not a mystery. I have a different direction in mind so we’ll see where it takes me.