Until I get my shit together, I’ll devote more time to blogging. I’d feel better if life played out like a sitcom, with all conflicts resolved in 22 minutes. Things don’t happen for me like that, so each week I’ll recap my crazy, slow-motion life. 🙂

Have you noticed this is the third time I’ve used that intro?

My most recent book: Killing the Kordovas was inspired partly by a trip to the Comedy Cellar in New York City. I had the great fortune of seeing a hilarious lineup that included Jim Norton and Colin Quinn, with Ardie Fuqua as the MC. Ardie, sadly, was one of the people injured in the bus crash this summer with Tracey Morgan and James McNair (RIP). I keep sending positive mojo his way and hope he’ll take the stage again.

Anyway, the audio version is now for sale and it already has a five-star rating, one I didn’t give. Cool.

Reading Stuff: I can’t read just one book at a time. Right now I have four open: Perfidia by James Ellroy; Ruth’s Journey by Donald McCaig; Outlander by Diana Gabaldon; and a Billy Joel biography. The Ellroy is a library book, so I’ll bear down on that one more this week. Ellroy is heavy but fast reading once you focus on it. BTW, there’s a Twitter discussion about the scariest books ever, and my vote goes to Ellroy’s Blood on the Moon. Seriously, you’ll piss yourself.

I’ve seen the latest list of Rock and Roll HoF nominees this week. A meh list this go around – no Yes, Jethro Tull, or Deep Purple. I suppose that’s to be expected when the people who run the show don’t give a fig about hard/prog rock. Rush and Genesis were a gift, albeit late ones. If I had to predict the Class of 2015: Sting, Lou Reed, Nine Inch Nails, Green Day, NWA, and Stevie Ray. Not saying they are all worthy, but some are industry darlings and it is a club, after all.

Joan Jett should go in, but I have a feeling it will be a near miss once again.

Watching Stuff: I figured out how to watch Downton Abbey so I don’t have to wait until next year. I probably will, anyway, since I don’t watch much television and football season will have ended. New series is okay so far – I just find it interesting that we’ve gone twelve years in time and nobody has aged except the kids.

Food: I’m thinking about subscribing to one of those organic snackboxes. You pay ten bucks a month and you get dried chickpeas and wasabi pretzels and some-such. My only fear is when I’m ready to stop they won’t let me.

Writing: No writing this week. I just can’t get back into the groove. I’ve spent too much time feeling sorry for myself, and that’s easier to do than write.