You still here? I’m so glad.

The publishing world has spun off its axis of late. A publisher sues a blogger, a world-renowned author may or may not have defended pedophiles, and now an author brags about stalking a reviewer. I consider myself normal, such as it is. I read all this and feel I’ve missed the boat – I’m not cray-cray enough for a big book contract. What watchtower do I have to climb to get some attention?

Look, I appreciate reviews of my books, good and bad. They are not for me, but for other readers. I read books, too, and will review as I see fit. If you don’t like my books, don’t feel afraid to say so. Just get my name right, is all I ask. People have misspelled it for 40+ years.

My most recent book: Technically, I guess the book I’ve not yet published is now one I can discuss. I have submitted Busted! (the title may change) to a few publishers that accept sweet romance and novella-length stories for digital-only imprints. Too early to tell, but if nothing pans out I’m giving serious consideration to lengthening the story to at least category length, something suitable for a sweeter Harlequin line. I wouldn’t be afraid of sexing up the story, but the plot doesn’t plausibly call for it. Anyway, I’m mulling that over now. 

In the meantime, you can read what I have available at Amazon. If you enjoy hilarious (intentional) thrillers, I have ’em.

Reading Stuff: I’m still on the same four books as last week, making little progress. Lately I find reading exhausts me, and I think it’s because I have not had much time for it. I’m eager to finish these books, but I have an hour before bed and I’m dozing after I turn a page. Sucks getting old.

Watching Stuff: I’m going back and forth with the Third and Twelfth Doctors right now. If you read my other blog, you’ll see what I mean. I find it’s a good way to binge, adds some variety to watching and I can tell if any Twelve stories are recycled plots are not. It may be too early to tell on that front, but the more I watch the more I suspect it was the case with Ten.

Food: I’ve been thinking about subscribing to one of those snack box deal thingies. You pay twenty bucks a month for nuts and goji berries, etc. It sounds neat, but from experience I know it’s a pain in the ass to stop a subscription. This past week I went to The Fresh Market and bought some snacks to keep by my chair – wasabi rice crackers, chocolate covered cashews, dried mixed berries, and something called World Peas, BBQ flavor. I thought they were chickpeas, but I picked up green peas instead. They are pretty good, and something nobody else in the house will eat, so I’ll see if this lasts the month and will make up another “box” in November.

Writing: Two thousand words recently, but they are for myself. I’m giving more thought to doing that for a while. Ditching personal social media and just kvetching on paper (as Leslea Newman called it) until inspiration strikes.