Can I just say…Kirk Cameron doesn’t speak for all of us.

I don’t mean to pick on him in particular. The paranoid Catholic in me is tempted to snark that a guy like Cameron might think I’m doomed along with you non-Fundamentalist / non-Protestant folks. I can’t speak to his beliefs on that, though, and he’s not the official spokesperson of All Things in Christendom. I only mention him here because he’s flooded one of my social timelines by saying something outrageous or whatever, and it was shared by a number of ath/ag friends pulling a Nelson Muntz taunt. “Ha-hah! Christian guy said something dumb. Don’t they all?”

Really. I don’t concern myself with where others go to church, if you go to church, if you worship a tree or nothing at all. If you don’t like/participate in a certain faith, don’t assume all the people there are the same. I know people are sick of the “Not All Men” defense when it comes to general boorish behavior, but I consider myself a person who strives to live by example. I’m no saint…oh, boy am I no saint, but I won’t think less of you if you aren’t, either. Unless, maybe, if you kick puppies for fun or do something equally loathsome.

Some of my books touch on faith, but I don’t typically discuss mine in social media. When I do, it seems to invite debate, which I’d rather avoid.

  • People have accused me of being too Catholic.
  • People have accused me of not being Catholic enough.
If I’ve learned anything discussing religion, it’s that asshats exist in every sect. Christians, Jews, atheists…they’re everywhere, and they insist they are right and everybody else is an idiot. I don’t like stagnancy. You may live your entire life as a believer or not, that’s fine, but leave room to grow.

I’ve acted like a bitch in my youth, and now I’m an old lady seeking a blissful afterlife. I can’t count on sainthood yet, but I’m happy for the freedom to seek it. Purportedly, George Harrison’s last words were, “Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot…love one another.” I’ve read that Mother Teresa, one person you’d never think wavered in faith, experienced dark nights of the soul. I’ve had my share, and sometimes I’ve turned to saints like Teresa of Avila for inspiration. The bookmark above, I had kept for years. I should go look for it.

Time, though, is better spent in other pursuits. You can snark another person’s faith or lack thereof, or you could help somebody. Feed the poor, clothe the shivering, shelter the homeless.

The first commandment of any faith ought to be: don’t be a jackass. The second: do something constructive and beneficial.

Be excellent to one another. Bill and Ted 3:16.

This is probably all you’ll get out of me with regards to religion and faith.


The more I give thought to it, I’m inclined to write something for free. I need to write fiction as a mental exercise and as a healing process. My romance novella remains in limbo – I’m tempted to do more with it, but it’s still out somewhere so I will wait. I found a fan artist and would like to offer commission work for graphics.

For now, just need to think about what to write.