I’m not airing grievances this year. I turn on the news and realize I have no reason to complain about anything. Publishing woes? I had them ten years ago, things picked up. They’ll pick up again one day. Kid’s room is messy? I’ll stay in my own.

As years go, this was a good one. No deaths in the immediate family, I went to Sicily, and Alison Angrim responded to me on Twitter (on a different account). The only grievance here is trying to top that in 2015. In January I was to have had a book release through a publisher, but that’s off. So 2015 is a rebuilding year in that respect – I figure out what to do with the orphaned book and start on the next one. All the while I see books I want to read now and they don’t come out for a few months. bleh.

A grievance, yes. I said I wasn’t doing that. I’m going to go Yoko Ono and blow all my frustrations into an invisible balloon and set it free, watch it float away into the sky and disappear into space.

I tell you what I would like to see in 2015: everything. I wish my eyesight wasn’t failing. I also said once I’d never cut my hair again, but I’m thinking of one last Locks of Love donation before I start coloring the grays. The ones I have now brought friends. I don’t like them.

I’d like to buy a spiral notebook for a next novel. I wrote my first books in longhand. It worked, it will work again. I’ll find a quiet place for an hour a day and write five pages, every day until I’m finished.

I’d like another pair of hiking boots so I can visit some of the AT like I said I’d do this summer, but didn’t. I’d like to start yoga again so my back won’t hurt so much.

I’d like a lot of things. I won’t get everything, but I want to not feel bad what that happens.

For now, I’ll be happy to get through this cold Christmas. Hope you do, too.