To review:

  • John was the clever one
  • Paul was the cute one
  • George was the quiet one
  • Ringo was the lucky one
Something like that.
I could spend this entire post ragging on people who think Kanye is going launch Paul McCartney’s career, but enough people have facepalmed in unison to shake the Internet. The idea that young people haven’t heard of Sir Paul doesn’t perplex me – it speaks of the music they absorbed in the home. Not everybody is a Beatles/Wings/Paul fan, and that’s cool. Not everybody is exposed to the music young.
I like to think I am widely knowledgeable when it comes to popular music, but I haven’t scratched the surface. When I began my Completist checklist of the 500 Rolling Stone albums, I found I’d only heard a small fraction of them, and I had zero familiarity with a number of groups/musicians listed. I knew names, but in most cases I never sat and listened to the music. Comes with growing up on commercial radio, where you hear what people want you to hear. MTV for me, in the early days, helped me discover new music.
So if you’ve come this way on a search for Kanye West and Paul McCartney, go find a copy of the Beatles’ White Album – it’s called The Beatles and…well, you’ll see for yourself. Then listen to Band on the Run by Wings. That should get you started.
After taking Christmas vacation to consider my options, I have decided to publish Geek Meets Girl on Wattpad. I will upload a new chapter once a week until the story is complete. Wattpad is a site for free story sharing – lots of original work and fan fiction there – and while I’ve had an account for years I never really did anything with it until now.

Geek Meets Girl is a contemporary romance of about 28,000 words. A Time Lord, a Ghostbuster, and a Trekker walk into a sci-fi convention. One finds love, one finds trouble, one finds both. Not exactly ripped from today’s headlines, but it’s a sweet story and if you’ve ever been to a con I hope you enjoy it. If you haven’t, read it anyway.

As for future projects, I have a few in mind but nothing concrete. I may just leave fiction to everybody else and start something entirely different. Or I’ll change my mind. I do that often.