I’ve tried a number of times to write this post, and each time I erase and start over. Eulogies are hard. Don’t ask me to write yours.

In a small online community brought together by common love for a music group, we lost a friend. He was a funny guy online and funnier in person. His death happened unexpectedly and in a tragic manner. His friends are stunned and hurt by his absence. I am as well, more so since (perhaps others in similar situations will agree) I had lost touch and took it for granted he’d always be around. He had become the kind of guy for me who lurked in the back corner of my mind. Always a fond memory and the hope I’d get back to his side of the country for a beer. I should drop him a note, I think, and then I don’t. Now I can’t.

He liked Rush, Mexican food, garlic, and Funyuns. He went to most of the community gatherings on the West Coast and ribbed some of the more religious of us on the board, but never came off as mean-spirited. I don’t know if he realized how many friends he had, people willing to listen. I hope he knows now that he will be missed.