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I’ve started and stalled this post many times. There’s too much to express and I like to keep things simple. I can ramble in my books. Here, it’s a different place, so I’m going to break down what I think into easily digestible sentences.

1. Just because a person thinks of Caitlyn Jenner as brave, or as a hero, doesn’t mean other people are less brave or heroic. Heroism isn’t a contest.

2. To the people who say, “Well, this is going to lead to people wanting to marry their pets or fuck goats.” – Really? You think somebody is going see this Vanity Fair magazine cover and suddenly crave chicken in a whole different way? If people exist who are into goat-fucking, I don’t believe it’s related to any movement for LGBT equality like same-sex marriage, nor should one create a connection there.

3. To the people who say, “God doesn’t make mistakes.” – Consider the possibility that God sets people on different paths. We are called to complete our own journeys and solve the mysteries of ourselves. Maybe God wants to see if we are really “doing unto others” when we interact with and react to all people. For the record, I do believe. I also know that people have used the Bible to justify slavery, segregation, and abuse. The Bible is a great tool of faith, and also a deadly weapon. It’s not a bad idea to think before you decide how to wield it.

4. To those who say people will play the transgender card so they can slip into a public restroom or gym locker room and “fiddle about,” as Keith Moon used to sing… what’s to stop ANYBODY from walking into any unlocked restroom anywhere on the planet?

You may agree with me, you may not. Every time I see this issue pop up I only think of what my father consistently drilled into my head. Be loving and Christian and kind. People seem to have different opinions on the definition of Christian, but I choose to lean toward one that supports the other two actions.