So, I have to inform you of a few eBook sales happening now. You might remember a while back I had a contract for a contemporary romcom called GEEK MEETS GIRL, then I voided the contract and got the rights back. Well, now the story is expanded and coming later this month in a box set, FALLING IN LOVE. It’s up for pre-order at Amazon for 99 cents and will be free for Kindle Unlimited users. I’m not sure if the price will go up after the release day (September 22), so it’s a good idea to pre-order and save a buck or two.

FallingInLoveAbout GEEK MEETS GIRL: A Time Lord, a Trekker, and a Ghostbuster walk into a science fiction convention. One finds love, one finds trouble, one finds both.

Grace is excited to attend her first event, while con veteran Mick enjoys tweaking her in a debate over whether or not Quantum Leap is superior to Doctor Who. Meanwhile, Mick’s roommate has designs on Grace to win a bet which has nothing to do fandoms.

Mick trades in his red shirt for shining armor, but can he win Grace’s heart first?

If you want to read some geeky romance right this very second, you can catch up on my serialized story, GEEK OVERBOARD, which appears in the monthly SEXY TO GO bundles. Parts 1-3 are available now for 99 cents each, and of course the bundles come with stories by other great authors.

STG8Geek Overboard, Part 3 in “Sexy To Go, Vol. 8″

Natalie can’t tell a Wookie from a Hobbit, so why is she on a Caribbean cruise hosting a sci-fi convention? You could ask her boyfriend. Wait, you can’t – he ditched her at the last minute and left her on the ship.

Now stuck with a cabin mate from another planet, Natalie must navigate decks populated with fairies and spacemen and sci-fi fans of all stripes…and fur. When she meets a C-list actor climbing his way back up the alphabet and agrees to a different kind of cosplay, her luck changes.

Natalie could get used to playing the role of celebrity wife, but when Colin Dawson’s fans and a popular entertainment blogger want details of her life with her new “husband” it gets sticky.

Who knew a fake relationship was so much work?

Buy: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO  ~ ITUNES 

Read the story from the beginning. Pick up Sexy To Go Volumes 6 & 7 for the first two installments.

Geek Overboard, Part 1: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES ~ SMASH

Geek Overboard, Part 2: ARe ~ AMZ ~ BN ~ KOBO ~ ITUNES ~ SMASH


You’re noticing a pattern, I hope. I’m not the first author to write romances centered on geeky heroes/heroines, but as I enjoy the trope I plan to write more. I’ve dated geeks, I married one, and I can vouch for their romantic qualities. The best thing about geek characters is their versatility – you can pair them with anybody. Look out in the future for dungeon masters paired with cowboys, coders with billionaires. The possibilities are endless.

For now, though, inexpensive romance for your eBook reader. Go!