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Are you ready to rock!?

Every time I begin a new story, I crank up Aerosmith’s Back In the Saddle and type away. Many authors have different music preferences – I’ll look on Twitter and some report how they’re jamming to Beyonce or Janelle Monae. Me, I’m all over the map but I tend to stick with a few mainstay bands: Beatles, Rush, Zeppelin, The Who. Lately, though, I’m on an 80s kick because my daughter enjoys the music.


I love music, and I love to incorporate it in my stories. Two

mysteries I have written, Rock Deadly (which is free in eBook) and  Rock Til You Dropstar a guitarist as sleuth. My short story collection, The Girl With the Monkee Tattoo, features groupies with magical powers and Elvis impersonators who slay demons in their spare time.

Recently, though, I’m writing romance and my latest story, Geek Meets Girl in the FALLING IN LOVE Box Set, leans more toward geekery than rock, but in a way those things go together. If you’re Rush fan like me, you’ll get it.

I maintain a blog devoted entirely to reviews of rock and roll books. Books That Rock Us came to be after I joined an online rock book club. The club fizzled after the first selection, but I kept up the blog. So far I have reviewed over fifty titles – memoirs, histories, theory and even some fiction. Rock music offers writers a wealth of ideas for stories, and it’s my hope to bring a bit more rock into the books I write.

For my giveaway, I’m offering up one of my titles in eBook plus a title in eBook I have reviewed. The winner will receive a list, and I’m happy to make recommendations. Only caveat, the second eBook can’t exceed $20 in cost.

Good luck, and rock on!

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