I have only one New Year’s resolution carved in stone: be less of a dick in 2016 than I was in 2015. Sounds simple when you put it on paper, and perhaps trite, but I want to be better and do better. As long as we have young eyes and ears in our home I want to set an example and not do/say dickish things. People who know me well might assure me I’m just fine, but to the rest of the world I’m represented by short bursts of attempted humor on social media and sometimes it’s not funny.

I know I’ve done/said dickish things in 2015, when I do talk, and I’ll own it. I’ll also do better.

So that’s my big challenge. I have plans for the rest of the year as well, the usual – exercise more, write more, yada. I can’t predict my royalty intake for the year – that’s the money I use to help along some of my loftier goals, but I will leave a list anyway for things I wouldn’t mind finishing in the next three hundred or so days.

What I’d like most, regardless of goals, is to be happy. Personally and professionally, 2015 dealt me a decent hand. I love my job, the kidlet brings home good grades, and we’ve made the rent on time. On the global scale, we’ve seen a lot of suckage. My wish for 2016 is for everybody to have it better than we did in 2015. Nowhere to go but up.

The path to happiness begins with a small step, and I plan on a few this coming year. I intend to start with:

Going meatless twice a week. Anybody can say, “I’m going vegan now.” Then you get three days into it before you’re pulling up to the Arby’s drive-thru. I imagine it’s easier for some people, but I find I have done days where I’ve not eaten meat. Perhaps if I’m more conscious of it, I can work toward a better diet. One concession: I can live without milk and other dairy, but if I’m permitted my tablespoon of Kerrygold butter for my coffee that’s all I really want.

Talk more. I’m not a chatty person. I’m great with the Like button and I rock at listening when I don’t have a distraction, but I save it all for the page. Lately I find I’m less inclined to talk because my brain halts like it’s buffering and the words come slowly. Signs of things to come, I imagine, but I enjoy discussing things with people who share interests.

If you like to read, hook up with me on Goodreads. If you like to drink beer, friend me on Untappd. I’ve recently started up a new Instagram for my rock book blog, called Books That Rock.

Sew. Knit. The kidlet is interested in cosplay. Fine by me. I have made her Harry Potter scarves in the past but she’s ready to move on up. We have an unused room in the home, and I will clear it for this use. With more geek romances coming in the future, I’d like to do giveaways relevant to my writing. Something people will associate with me and my books. Watch for that.

Puzzles. The husband and I used to put jigsaw puzzles together all the time, then we stopped. I miss doing that. I would love to get more 1000 or so piece puzzles together in the next year. Landscapes, white kittens in a snowstorm, whatever.

Walk. I got these awesome hiking shoes and no mountains nearby to conquer. That’s going to change.

I may not be at my skinniest by 12/31/16, but hopefully a touch happier and less of a crab. We’ll see.