Totally Bound Gift CardsWho else is going through the longest year of their life?

I’ve been running at WTF since July, 2016. It began when a loved one in the family died suddenly. She had health issues but nothing terminal – to our knowledge, anyway. Since then, it seemed every month brought a new challenge, the election and subsequent political WTF aside.

In a nutshell: I lost a job, three of my publishers folded, husband got involved in a serious accident and slow recovery. I found a job and things happened there. Right now the work life is thriving, but the writing life has taken a backseat to other things. I’m hovering at 39k words on my latest book, and I intend to fist-fight it to the end.

For all my woes, though, I have it pretty good. I’ve spent the last eleven months reading my feeds and learning how friends have weathered more difficult storms – more figurative than literal. Author friends also affected by the pub and store closures have scrambled to recoup income, some are sick, some need help. Big Digital doesn’t do all of us favors, so one thing I’ve decided to do, as I get the money to spare, is to support authors at as many possible sources. For those who have books with the small pubs still here, I’ll pledge to buy direct. The authors will get more money, and the pubs have incentive to stay in business.

I have books at Totally Bound, and I intend to push them more since the WIP is the third in a trilogy. It will benefit me to have the first two books sell so they’ll take the third. Once I finish, I will evaluate my writing and decide what to do next. In the meantime, you can visit Totally Bound direct and buy my books and others.

As you shop, please consider supporting authors in places where their royalties will be higher. Please not I’m not saying don’t buy from the Zon, because many authors are exclusive there and need the support. Just showing support for other options.

Please comment on other publishers I can add.