About Kathryn

katlivelyThings you need to know about Kathryn Lively:

  1. I am the author of several novels and stories. Currently I self-publish and have works through Totally Bound Publishing and Decadent Publishing.
  2. I have edited stories and novels for various digital-first houses, including Mundania Press/Phaze Books, JMS Books, and the now defunct All Romance eBooks. I also work with independent authors.
  3. I have seen every episode of M*A*S*H at least four times. I’ll binge watch it again, make no mistake.
  4. My work in SEO began before Google launched. I have over fifteen years of experience in online marketing.
  5. I minored in German in college and continue to learn the language. I aim for fluency but will be happy with a strong reading knowledge.
  6. I knit Doctor Who scarves. I am currently working on a fifth one.
  7. I enjoy reading historical fiction and biographies.
  8. I have seen Rush in concert ten times. Voluntarily.
  9. I am working on my next book. Always.
  10. I enjoy making lists.

You can connect with me on Twitter at @MsKathrynLively.