I love making lists. I’ll make lists of books I want to read, movies I want to see, food I want to eat. I’ll make lists of lists. I have lists on this site, on my book review blog, lists on receipts I tuck into books. Recently I started a bullet journal because it looked like something made for me, and after a month of working in it I am H – double-O hooked.

This Buzzfeed article is a good intro on how to start a Bullet Journal.

Unlike people who are really into the “BuJo” culture, I keep it simple, mainly because I get discouraged easily. Google for bullet journal hacks and you’ll find scores of elaborately designed journals, stickers and calligraphy and multi-colored pencils. It’s enough for me to look at my pathetic attempt and pitch it in the trash.

Eh. I persevere. Gradually I’ll go all Martha Stewart on this thing, but for now the journal suits my needs. As some sites suggest, I got a dot-grid Moleskine journal and set up some of the core pages: year at a glance, long-term goals, daily to-dos. Found a nice pink one on Amazon.

Keep Out.

Keep Out.

For my daily goals, I set up a grid for the calendar and keep track of all the achievements. Right now I’m tracking the following:

Still deciding on a color for July.

Still deciding on a color for July.

Duolingo lessons: I’m working on German, Spanish, Italian, and French. The goal is to be able to order a beer and find a restroom anywhere in the world. I have checkboxes for one lesson each daily, and two.

Walking: I have a three-tiered goal for walking – 5,000 steps, 7500, and 10,000. I had a nice 7500 run for a while, but summertime here involves the day job and going to movies, so I have to work on making more time for it.

Writing: My goal is a thousand words daily, and I have a bonus checkbox for 2,500 words. I haven’t made it, yet, but I’m rather proud of getting at least 13,000 words written in June.

No phone at dinner: Self-explanatory. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and that’s a good one to have.

Another thing I like about this journal is that I can use it for other things. The other weekend I visited DC for half a day and I collected a few stamps:

Next stop, the Grand Canyon.

Next stop, the Grand Canyon.

I do have one of those official National Parks passport somewhere, too, but I kind of liked how I could whip this out and stamp away. I’m thinking about getting back into letterboxing, too, and this would be great for that.

I find, too, messing around with my journal gets me away from the computer once in a while, and the family seems to like that. It’s nice to unplug once in a while. Of course, by August this thing could frustrate the hell out of me, but we’ll see.

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