Page One

I keep a list of potential projects. Many have gone unwritten for more than a decade. I have no trouble coming up with a story – time to write it…that’s the problem. Right now I have three top ideas vying for attention in my head.

Tonight I’ll decide what to do and firm up the outline. I might draw slips of paper from a hat or else use my quartz pendant and divine the answer. Either way, the next book will veer a bit from what I’ve previously written. I enjoy romance and mystery, but I’ll read anything. I’ve been itching to try something new, and maybe submit it under a different name. Start over, regroup, renew. Whatever keeps me sane.


Spring Break Staycation

We won’t travel this Spring Break. Used to be we’d find an event in NYC or DC, but there are things we haven’t done here. It’s time to play hometown tourist and tear through a junk food bucket list:

  • Ice cream on the boardwalk
  • Trail walking
  • Letterbox hunting
  • Art museums
  • Lunch in an oceanfront hotel
  • Matinee movie
  • Zoo trip
  • More to come…

Bob’s Burgers

This list is likely to change so long as the show keeps running, but for now here is my Top Ten:

  1. “Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise” – Oh, great, she brought her own tea.
  2. “Turkey in a Can” – I’m straight…well, mostly straight.
  3. “The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee” – Don’t be tellin’ no lies.
  4. “The Frond Files” – Thank you zombie boyfriends.
  5. “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” – You probably think this slap is about you.
  6. “Mazel Tina” – Now I’m gonna die in here and they’re gonna find my bones in your head.
  7. “The Equestranauts” – Non-canonical! Non-canonical!
  8. “Boyz 4 Now” – Don’t you mean kiss? / No, I mean slap.
  9. “Dawn of the Peck” – She’s the alpha turkey.
  10. “Beefsquatch” – This is me now!