If you’ve read one of my books, or have read a book by somebody else and want to talk about it, feel free to free hit me up online. I tend to find recommendations via Twitter, but of course I follow a lot of bookish people there. Lately, though, I’m using other platforms and enjoying them. I’m short on friends at those places, and would like to build my numbers.

I don’t drive-by promo, either. Repetitive “buy my book” posts turn me off, and I like to think if you find me interesting you’ll at least click on my profile to my book link. So you’re safe in that respect. If you’d like to compare books, beer, and other things, connect with me here:

Duolingo – I am Kat826432 there, and working on four languages so far. I thought initially I could work on my languages and eventually translate my books, because I can’t afford to hire out, but I’m mainly having fun. It’s a goal to be able to ask for the bathroom in multiple languages.

Snapchat – Look up kat-reads on Snapchat to follow me. I don’t do a whole lot right now, but I’ve made a goal to do a short Snap story daily on a book I’ve read and, if I travel, stuff I’ve seen.

Untappd – I am Kat2112 there. With all the breweries open around town I’ve developed a taste for it, though don’t expect me to update daily. I’d say about once every ten days on average I have a drink.

So if you want to talk books, Doctor Who, beer, other things…let’s dish.