This list is likely to change so long as the show keeps running, but for now here is my Top Ten:

  1. “Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise” – Oh, great, she brought her own tea.
  2. “Turkey in a Can” – I’m straight…well, mostly straight.
  3. “The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee” – Don’t be tellin’ no lies.
  4. “The Frond Files” – Thank you zombie boyfriends.
  5. “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl” – You probably think this slap is about you.
  6. “Mazel Tina” – Now I’m gonna die in here and they’re gonna find my bones in your head.
  7. “The Equestranauts” – Non-canonical! Non-canonical!
  8. “Boyz 4 Now” – Don’t you mean kiss? / No, I mean slap.
  9. “Dawn of the Peck” – She’s the alpha turkey.
  10. “Beefsquatch” – This is me now!