Talking about bookstores leads me to think of ones I patronized in years past.

B. Dalton’s and Waldenbooks and Bookland in the malls. I worked at a Bookland briefly before it closed. Books-A-Million opened close by and they owned Bookland, and while they offered us positions I found work elsewhere.

White’s Books in Jacksonville. At one point there were several stores in town. The one in St. John’s smelled like wisteria and I spent a lot of money there.

Chamblin’s Bookmine in Jacksonville is still here. You can get lost – it’s a labyrinth.

The Old Black Dog Bookstore in Athens, GA. It was small, but a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

Prince Books in Norfolk. We went to a Harry Potter unboxing one midnight. Children grabbed books, found a corner, and started reading.

There are more, but I feel a bit sad thinking of ones that are gone, and wondering how long before bookstores in general are a memory.