When I finish a work, I typically take a few days off to decompress before looking at the manuscript again. I look at the story with (hopefully) fresher eyes and correct any continuity errors, spelling, and so forth. With my last few books I went the self-publishing route, putting up the fees for editors and artists, and handling all the distribution. A job like that is never finished because you’ll find you’re constantly tweaking things to keep readers interested in your work. In the future, I’ll go back to Rock DeadlyRock Til You Drop and the rest to update covers, add books to Google Play and other distributors, and of course continue promotion.

With my latest completed work, I’ve decided to go a different direction. I’ve researched potential publishers that accept novella-length romance for digital publication, and I’ll be pitching/submitting my work over the next week. It’s been a while since I’ve done that – with Geek Meets Girl I was invited to participate in a box set, so that’s not quite the same as cold-calling a publisher. Though I’ve gone through the submission experience many, many times over the last twenty years, I still feel that sense of anxiety when I click send.

Mind you, I’m not one of those authors who considers her every book “her baby,” but with every email sent to an editor or publisher you’re sending what you believe is your best work. Some authors may find it easier as time goes on, but sometimes I still feel like I’ve cooked a Thanksgiving turkey for the first time, and am watching everybody eat and praying nobody does a spit-take full of stuffing.

So that’s my November, in addition to waffling over NaNoWriMo. I have the idea, I just need to decide if I want to put myself through the paces to get it done in a month.

In the meantime, promotion. I am toying with the new device at Buffer called Pedro which helps you create social cards to share. I like it, but wish it could do more, like add larger and more secondary logos onto cards, and add more special effects. I created these two with Photoshop help.



The real challenge in these is finding the right quote to use. Two things I dislike in publishing: writing synopses and finding the right excerpt for promotions:



Soon, I suspect I’ll make one of these for my next book. Fingers crossed.