Out of town friends came to visit the other day. Usually when we have get togethers, I’m asked Sooo, how’s the writing going?

I’m not a humble-bragger, or a boaster. Typically I guffaw my way through an answer and change the subject to alcohol, and why there should be more in my glass. Truth is, I’ve spent more time editing for others than writing for me, primarily because there’s more money in it. It doesn’t mean that I’ve quit. I move at a slower pace.

SexyToGo6Over the last few months, I’ve helped edit a story or two for a series of box sets called Sexy To Go. In January, a group of authors banded together to share short stories at low, low prices. The last five volumes ranged from 8 to 12 authors, with stories in a variety of romantic pairings and heat levels. I’d been asked to contribute before, but I normally don’t write hot romance.

Why not? That’s a good question.

My first book was inspirational fiction. I’ve written inspirational mysteries as well, and non-sexy cozies and one bizarre story about a fed-up writer planning a person’s death. It’s a fair leap from writing characters who aspire to the priesthood to hot romances that have readers crying, “He kissed her WHERE?”

I like to tell stories, though. I love the romance genre, too. I read the books, I work with the authors, and I edit some stories. Some of my previous books have romantic elements in them, and we could all use a happy ever after. I want to have fun when I write, and romance offers the opportunity.

After seeing what some of the Sexy To Go authors are doing with this series of box sets, it gave me an idea.

While I work to revise Geek Meets Girl for another project, I’ve taken on the goal of serializing another romance, called Geek Overboard. Part one is now up for pre-order on Amazon.

In future volumes, I’ll serialize a story about a young woman stuck on a cruise ship hosting a sci-fi con. She was supposed to go with her boyfriend, but he ditched her at the last minute. She finds a way to have fun, however. Before your mind dives into the gutter, I’ll let you know now this is NOT a “Debbie Does Carnival” type story. It will be more of a romance along sensual Harlequin lines, and not without humor, but eventually people are going to do it.

I’m thinking it will wrap up in 4-5 volumes, with an extended version with a secondary story line to come early next year.

If you’d like a taste of Geek Overboard, it’s only 99 cents for the pre-order. You also get stories from other great authors in the deal. Just know they write way hotter than me. Like, first episode of Outlander hot.

In the meantime, I do have a non-serialized story in the works. More on that later.