This summer I plan to take a grander leap into the romance genre. I’ve been reading romance since my teens, since the first time I sneaked a Silhouette novel from my Aunt Hetsy’s stash. Until this time I have mainly written mysteries and rather bizarre fiction. I never cared to peg myself as a writer of specific things. I read all over the map, so it makes sense I’d write the same way. This summer I’m joining a group of romance authors who put out monthly collections of romantic shorts, so look for me as part of that.

favorite heroinesThis hop, though, is about favorite heroines, of which I have a few. I’ve read pretty much everything Jane Austen wrote, and in the case of Sense and Sensibility, more than once. I own the movie and watch it a few times a year. I count Elinor Dashwood as a favorite heroine because of great inner strength and compassion. She begins life somewhat as a young woman of means to find she will inherit nothing, and in her time that basically equates to good luck finding a guy. Nonetheless, she makes things work for her mother and sisters.

Now, sometimes I read the story and think Elinor could very well make it on her own, but we know she loves Edmund and when her heart breaks when she thinks she can’t have him, so do ours. Outsiders may see her as cold and reserved, but we know better. She prefers to keep her passions to herself, and she’s perfectly within her rights to do so.

As for modern heroines, I’d pick Idgie Threadgood from Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. That remains one of my favorite books ever. I like Idgie for her independence. She doesn’t give a sh*t what people think of her, she wears pants because she likes them, and she’s fiercely loyal to friends and family.  Her story inspires Evelyn Couch to take charge of her life and enjoy it, too. We could learn something from that – take care of ourselves and don’t worry about naysayers.

There you have it. I’d love to hear about your favorite heroines in books. Don’t forget the giveaway below.



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