Sometime last year I followed a Twitter conversation between some authors I know on the virtual plane. They bounced around an idea for a box set of romance stories, this one with a specific theme. BBW heroines, tattooed heroes. While themes seem focused, they still open up a world of possibilities. They were looking for contributors to the project.

I read romance, I enjoy it, and I’m writing more of it. I like a good writing prompt, too, so I raised my hand.


Summer, 2016

Summer, 2016

My story is called “Waking Up”. Here’s the rundown:

Worn down by unrealized dreams and a cynical view of reality, Blair has settled. Her daily schedule of coffee, work, books and bed leave no room for surprises and therefore no disappointment. Romance remains a stranger because, honestly, who wants the big girl with the unpublished notebooks and the dead end job?

Gordon does. A chance encounter in her building becomes a date, then two, then more. Soon Blair’s windowless office offers her a view of amazing, happier possibilities. The woman with dormant dreams begins to wake up.


This young woman, Blair, is a character who’s lived in the back of my mind for some time. I had an idea once to place her in a magical realism tale, not necessarily a romantic one, but the more I thought about the project I realized it was too similar to a movie I’d seen. Blair’s a bit world weary – not depressed, but quick to accept the water glass is half-empty – and figures if she keeps things status quo she’ll coast all the way to death with little worries.

Yes, this is a romance story. 🙂 Blair discovers sometimes the universe has better plans for you. In her case, it’s a handsome tattoo artist with dreams of his own.



It’s very likely CURVED LINES will be out around the same time as FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED, which is currently in final line edits. To keep things sane I plan to delay the release of GEEK MEETS GIRL and IN TOO DEEP so it doesn’t look like overload. On top of this, I’m 25k into the sequel to FINISH and 30k into another contemporary romance I’m eyeing for a Kindle Worlds submission. I won’t reveal which one just yet.

Going to be a busy summer, hopefully an enjoyable one.