Late last year I happened upon a call for submissions for novellas of a specific theme. Since completing the serial Geek Overboard for the Sexy To Go box sets (the story will be compiled, extended, and released on its own later this year), I kept an idea for another story brewing in the back corner of my mind. The call asked for stories with “rich and famous” characters – a broad topic given one can create a romance with a Hollywood backdrop or feature rock star couples. Lately I’ve been fascinated by the phenomenon of rebooting TV shows and concepts once popular. One network tried to bring Coach back but it didn’t work, but it looks like Netflix may succeed with a Full House next-gen series.

I don’t mind reboots if they’re done well. People may complain about Hollywood running out of ideas, but at the end of the day we are attracted to familiar characters and settings. How else can you explain decades of Star Trek tie-in novels and most of Twitter exploding into butterflies and confetti when JK Rowling set a release date for a new Harry Potter book? Getting back to my story idea, I built on the framework of two characters known for their roles in a cult TV series, each of whom experienced different careers afterward. They had a past, brought into the present, and romance plays a role in their future.

As I wrote what would become Finish What You Started I came to like the people in the story. There’s a former ingenue intent on moving to the other side of the camera, an actor hungry for work outside the wheelhouse where Hollywood is content to keep him, and meddling parents who give Mama Rose a run for her money. There’s a bitch on wheels rock star lady turned amateur shrink and an awesome canine scene stealer. By the end I felt reluctant to finish their stories, but excited to share them with others.

I’m happy to say another person shared my enthusiasm. A publisher offered me a contract for Finish What You Started and if all goes according to plan you’ll be able to read it this summer.

Me… I’m not finished yet.