One thing that attracts authors to self-publishing platforms is the immediacy. You can set your own schedule – the edits, the cover, the release, the promotion. When you work with a publisher you abide by their schedule and, depending on policies, their final word on cover art. I am aware some houses are more flexible than others. Some welcome author input at every level; others give you what they say (in their experience) will sell. At this time I’m waiting on news from a publisher with regards to a work, but I can’t say anything about it right now.

In the meantime, I have works to produce myself. Pithed, a mystery formerly published with a small press, recently reverted to me and I have decided it’s spent enough time in limbo. The story I serialized with Sexy To Go will be extended and given a new title. Here is a possible cover for that romantic romp:

Formerly Geek Overboard

Formerly Geek Overboard

An unusual choice for a book about a sci-fi convention cruise, but trying searching for stock imagery on that term.

Lastly, I’ll be releasing Geek Meets Girl on its own. This is the novella with the Falling in Love box set. Another cover challenge, and for this one I’m toying with an object cover:


Coming Soon

I do wish I could draw well. If I could you’d see all these books in graphic novel form as well. For now, it’s edits and waiting by the inbox.