Due to the nature of the man’s job and possible summer activities for the child, we may not take a vacation this year. Fine by me; summers tend to move too quickly here anyway, and I’d be happier with regular weekend getaways to where I can hike. Thing is, nobody else here likes to do it, and I can’t leave people alone for the fear they’ll burn down the house trying to open a can of ravioli. I suppose I could search for a used treadmill and set the incline to high. Something to think about.

MySoulToKeep_200X300-72dpiFor May, I didn’t accomplish much on the life love happiness reboot list. Work reached a period of mass preparation for July’s book releases, and on the upside I get to read a lot of stories. The Fearless series for All Romance goes on pre-order in a few weeks. You can hook up with ARe’s Twitter for links. Kris’s story is one of the first I read; it’s like a sexy X-Files, it’s great.

1970371I read a great early 20th century romance from Rebecca Halsey called Notes of Temptation, Set in 20’s Hollywood, jazz and radio age with a mix of mobsters and dames. It’s out from Samhain, and with the house closing soon I don’t know what the future holds for the series, but grab the first book if you like historical while you can.


I did finish a book challenge read, for a YA bestseller. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy got some positive press from YA readers on my radar, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the book in general. I loved the concept and the setting and the idea of young Willowdean finding sort of a muse in Dolly Parton, a favorite of her late aunt’s. This core reminded me a bit of a movie called Gypsy 83, about a girl who idolizes Stevie Nicks partly because her estranged mother did.  The story as a whole, though, didn’t grab me.

18304322To be honest, I found the late aunt more interesting than many of the living characters. Sounds weird, but I’m hoping for a prequel that showcases her.

Well, with no solid vacation plans made, I’ve given thought to pitching a tent in the backyard. I have enough here where I could glamp it up a bit with an air mattress and comfy pillows, a cooler for soda and some Ziploc containers for snacks. Only thing is the landlord has people come in every Friday to mow the lawns, so I’d have to break down and re-pitch. Also, there may be people renting the other part of the house, and I don’t need curious bystanders while I’m trying to work.

Apart from that, my other idea is to hole up at the KOA on the other side of town, assuming my credit is still good. Any other ideas?