I anticipate getting eff all done in May. Eight days in and I don’t want to do anything, talk to anybody, or read. Have you ever been too tired to read, to focus your eyes on one spot and process words? I’ve reached that point today, and it’s not been the first time. I tend to work my mind more than my limbs, so perhaps it’s my body’s way of warning me to chill and zone out for a few minutes.

Well, April was decent. I got this done.


M*A*S*H by Richard Hooker – Early this year I finished my fourth or fifth binge watch of the TV show. The book and movie are, of course, rougher, but I hadn’t expected the book to read more like a series of vignettes. It doesn’t flow like a novel should, but it’s not a flaw. It actually makes sense one could develop a show from the core of the story.

Doctor Who: The Roots of Evil by Philip Reeve – Four/Leela story. I have yet to see any Leela episodes, so it will be interesting to see how the book and that era compare.

The Gin & Chowder Club by Nan Rossiter – The cover of this book lead me to think I was getting a cozy home-town feel good Fannie Flagg type story. Instead a read a book about a woman cheating on her husband with a college student layered with Christian guilt. I almost DNFed several times, but I wanted to count this on my Pop Sugar challenge.

Mozart’s Last Aria by Matt Rees – I had looked forward to this book; had it in my library a long time. I hadn’t expected a conspiracy story a la Mason/Illuminati jazz, but it’s what I got. Struggled with it.

Encountering Truth by Pope Francis – This was my Book Riot challenge “book about religion” for 2016.  Yeah, I could have tried something outside my wheelhouse, but we’re a few years into this pope and I haven’t read anything by him yet. A group at church is reading this now, so I thought maybe I’d have something to talk about next Sunday.


Doctor Who: The Forever Trap by Dan Abnett  – Catherine Tate (Donna) narrates, and it’s great fun. This particular story would have made a great two-parter.

“You Must Remember This” podcast: The entire Charles Manson series. I love this podcast, and though I know the story of this grisly crime the podcast series puts new light on certain people and events. If you’re an old Hollywood junkie give it a listen.


April Walking

I averaged six thousand steps in the short month since getting this thing. I would like to get up to eight grand by summer.

Now to snort some coffee beans and get back on track for May.