I have an ongoing goal to be happy. For the most part I get as far as “okay,” which isn’t bad. Every now and then I hear Gerry Rafferty crooning in my head, “Just one more year and then you’ll be happy…” and there are times I think that’s become the family motto.  Truth is, I don’t need things or time to make it happen, I have the task of re-wiring myself so I realize some things that give me happiness are always near. It’s up to me to recognize them.

I find happiness in creating lists. I recently discovered Google Keep and it if were a person I’d be all over it like me on cake. I am a champion list creator. I have lists of Pulitzer books to read, Doctor Who serials to watch, story ideas to write, Girl Scout cookies to deliver… I’m reluctant to get the last one done right, though, because I fear if I’m too good at this job they’ll ask me to be cookie mom again. Yet, I find the work satisfying. The other day I had to reconcile our inventory and ended up creating a new spreadsheet. You’d have thought I was packing for a cruise, I was all lit up.

With spring on the way, my thoughts turn to what I hope to accomplish in the new season. I already have three writing deadlines to meet by then, but I anticipate meeting them early. Besides, I’m talking leisure happy fun times here, something to chase away the winter blues. The prospect of charting yet another list, right here and right now, has perked me up.

Learn to Crochet – I say this every quarter, and every quarter I get as far the damned lead chain and quit. As much as I love my knitting loom, I’m limited by what I can and want to do. I’d like to set aside one night a week where I try to get that second row completed.

Finish a 2,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – We’ve started up with puzzles again here. I’ve always loved jigsaw puzzles, and I find just a few minutes sorting pieces de-stresses me. Problem is, the man and the girl have taken over the 500 and 1000 piece jobs I set up. I didn’t get to work much on the current puzzle we have out. So I’m looking for something more challenging so I can horn in.

dressdollFind a Pre-Owned Sewing Machine – The girl likes to make clothes for her dolls. The other day she asked me to stitch up a black number for one of her Monster High girls. It’s simple but has a nice Angelina Jolie showing off leg at the Oscars vibe to it. She’d like to do more complex designs and eventually stitch up her own cosplay but that’s not something to complete by hand. My father gave me a cheap As Seen on TV machine but the needle holder broke and can’t be replaced. So I’m on the lookout for a sturdier machine that won’t cost us a fortune.

M*A*S*H Novel Binge – After Hulu and Netflix lost Doctor Who, I returned to a reliable favorite and binged yet again. 256 episodes in under two months, a new personal best. I estimate I’ve seen each show at least five times, that’s between the original run, years of syndication, DVD rentals and purchases, and now streaming. I’ll blog later on why I can’t quit M*A*S*H, and since “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” faded to black last week I haven’t got it out of my system. I’m actually hunting down “AfterMASH” episodes on YouTube and paperbacks of the old fiction series. I’ve made a goal of reading each one. Right here I’ve made a list within a list – do you love this show or what?

Well, Doctor Who comes to Amazon Prime soon, so I’ll be able shift focus in a bit.

Plan a Giveaway – I’ll hopefully have a new book cover to show off soon, and in conjunction I’m planning a giveaway of something sort of unique. Just need to figure out how to present it and find some folks willing to help out.


In addition to these items there are few standard bucket list items I’d like to tick off – Central Virginia trail hiking, Mid-Atlantic craft brewery tour, singing the Keith Moon part of “Bell Boy” at karaoke. If I go to Balticon this year maybe I do all three.

In the meantime, if you found an old MASH novel in that water stained cardboard box in the garage, hit me up.