A friend on Facebook recently pointed out a Tumblr called This Charming Charlie, which mashes Peanuts strips with Smiths lyrics. It’s fun to read, and not the first marriage of Schulz and new media. There was the now defunct Peanut Twitter which applied random tweets to panels, like this one:


This will stay up until I get my C&D, which is what I assume happened with Peanut Twitter. Charming scanned and posted their “stahp it” letters.

My opinions may vary over time about things like this. Parody is protected in the US, and I feel if a person isn’t profiting from another person’s work there’s no harm. It’s a tricky subject for me as a writer, what with all the fan fiction getting published and people who aren’t me making crud-tons of cash, but at the end of the day if I get some recognition for an original creation I’m good. I don’t expect mashups or fan fiction of my work anytime soon, but more power to the person who’s interested in doing that.

I look at these enhanced Peanuts strips, though, and wonder why nobody has seen fit to marry Rush lyrics with classic comics. You won’t find a richer resource for words than the Rush song catalog:



Why stop at Peanuts? Rush lyrics are applicable to most comics. Well, maybe not Funky Winkerbean.



Okay, that’s all I feel comfortable doing. I don’t have time to create a Rush/Peanuts Tumblr, but if you do please don’t name me as a witness if Neil Peart sues.

Header image via Wikimedia Commons (Little Nemo in Slumberland, public domain)