After reading my last few blog posts, I worry a newcomer will assume I am three shots away from finishing a fifth and taking a hostage. In general I am a content person, mild-mannered and attempting to live rather than have the world consume me. Things get me down, of course, and with Lent underway I decided to approach the season differently. I don’t give up meat/chocolate/booze/[REDACTED] anymore. It lasts a week and my butt slides off the wagon and into the mud puddle. This year I want to focus on things that bring a smile to my face, things other people might like, too.

If you don’t, enjoy your Friday fish sticks. Whatever gets you to Easter.

1) Sleater-Kinney – A New Wave

(h/t to @ThatsAGirlsCar for retweeting what got me to this video.) I’m not sure how I missed Sleater-Kinney the first time around. I lived in Athens during the big 90s indie rock, post-Cobain boom. Maybe The Breeders and Luscious Jackson got in the way. Well, better late than never, and I’m up for anything with the Tina Belcher seal of approval. I’m currently enjoying their newest, No Cities To Love.

2) Inappropriate Cross Stitch

I wish I could crochet properly. I can’t get past the first chain and I envy anybody who can. Cross stitchers, too. I long for your patience and keen eyesight, for I’ve lost both. A fellow Trout Nation board dweller created these beauties. I could envision my walls covered in them.

3) The Last American Vampire – (ARe / AMZ / BN / KOBO)

(From my Goodreads review) Henry Sturges is a vampire created during the first English settlement of the New World, and his life is a “Forrest Gump”-style panorama of adventures, in that he connects with many of the noted people in their respective eras. We find a few of history’s greatest mysteries and tragedies are actually attributed to vampire involvement.

I liked Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, but I think I enjoyed this book more because with the expanded time gaps there’s more to do. When you discover Henry’s prime nemesis it’s rather clever how that ties into specific events. It’s a horror in the gory sense, though. Some very bloody scenes.

4) Adult Wednesday Addams

(discovered via Mara Wilson‘s Twitter) Wednesday deserved a spin-off. Always. For all of H’wood’s love of remaking and rebooting and recycling, I can’t believe a sitcom about Wednesday in college or Wednesday in suburbia never got the pilot treatment. Friggin’ Tabitha from Bewitched got a series. It only makes sense.  Good thing Melissa Hunter is helping fill this need. If you like it, go help her out via Patreon.

5) Kate Pierson has a solo album!

In elementary school I wanted to be President when I grew up. In college I changed my answer to Kate Pierson.  Given either option now, I’m still going with the latter. We may not completely align in terms of certain beliefs, but if can reach 66 and still rock and look incredible… I had a listen of Guitars & Microphones and love. One day I’ll get my ass to a show, solo or with whichever B’s are still touring.